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Talking with spirits

Book a two night stay from Sunday through Thursday and receive a spirit communication lesson. The lessons are held after breakfast. Above is a picture of dining on our deck. This is great fun.

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$139 Special

During February and March, there is a $139 a night special for staying two nights from Sunday through Thursday.

Personal Events Special

Captain Grant's is now offering to host an event of your own choosing. We help create the event with you. The events that we are able to assist you with at present are Jelly and Jam Making, Mystery Weekends, and Ghost Adventures. For the Mystery Weekends and Ghost events, the entire Inn must be reserved. For Jam and Jelly Making it can be as little as two rooms and must be midweek when we are canning.

Mystery Weekends involve the guests playing a part in a murder mystery. We assign you a part to play and ask that you come dressed and ready to be that person. On Friday night everyone is introduced as the person they play and the mystery is explained. After breakfast on Saturday, the sleuthing begins. A short lunch and dinner can be provided. The cost of the event is $90 a person and $130 a person if lunch and dinner are included. There is also the cost of the room rental.

The jam and jelly Making event costs $35 plus the cost of the room. Everyone goes home with a jar of jam. When we prepare for canning, the kitchen is set up for two weeks of work. This gives guests a bit of movement on when to reserve their room. I am hoping that we can start canning in January.

For the Ghost Adventures, we suggest that you reserve the Inn at least a month or two in advance. What we offer for this event are the following options: past lives readings, tarot readings, cemetery tours, professional ghost hunt, a lesson on the use of ghost equipment, open pit fires with a guitarist, and storytelling. Five meals are included. The current cost is $200 a person plus the room rental. Personal Tarot and Past Life reading are $20 each.
The Mystery Weekends are held during the winter, spring, and autumn.

Jam and Jelly making is held during canning time.
Ghost Hunting is held year-round.
If you have another idea for an event please contact us and let us know. We may be able to create it for you.
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