Carol has written a book called the “Ghosts of Captain Grant’s Inn”. It is not your typical haunted house story. Instead the book has three distinct parts that interplay with each other. You can start reading at the beginning, somewhere in the middle or at the end. The story will be fully enjoyed when the entire book is read.

The beginning of the book is about miracles that occurred during the homes restoration. Around chapters six and seven the spirits that occupy the home are introduced. The last part of the book delves into questions about the spirit world and touches on the science that is still in its infancy. If you bring your book to Captain Grant’s, I will sign it for you.

The book is published by Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing International.

It can be purchased at the following venues.

Captain Grant’s, 1754 Inn

Barnes and Noble, www.barnesandnoble.com

Amazon, www.amazon.com

Llewellyn Books, www.llewellyn.com