Captain Grant’s: A Haunted Inn

Dining with the Dead: A Paranormal Event

May 3rd and 4th, 2019


Friday: Check in and receive the event schedule.


9 AM: Breakfast.
10 AM: Presentation by Tom and Arlene Dagostino. Followed by Questions and Answers.
11 AM: Group 1. Rod and Crystal Demonstration by Carol. Find out how many lives you have lived.
11 AM to 4 PM: The following are options for you.

  • Group 1 can relax until 4 PM.
  • Group 2 can relax until 3 PM.
  • Two groups of 8 people can have a tour of the basement. There is an additional cost of $10 each.
  • Tarot readings by Tom and Arlene. Sign up early.

3 PM: Group 2: Rod and Crystal Demonstration by Carol.
4 PM: Old Cemetery Tour. Group 1.
5 PM: Groups switch activities.
6 PM: Buffet. Menu will be forth coming.
7 PM: Group 1: Actual Ghost Hunt of Attic – Group 2: Actual Ghost Hunt of Game Room and the 2 Living Rooms on floor 1.
8 PM: Groups 1 and 2 Switch areas.
9 PM: Sharing by Entire Group.
10 PM: A Bon Fire for those that wish to attend.


9 AM: Breakfast.
10 AM: Recap

PRICING: Each Room will be priced at its normal rate. Those rates range from $159 a night up to $189 a night for two.

The ghost event will be $90 a person.

Be sure to bring cameras and any ghost hunting equipment that you may have. Bring proper foot wear for tromping through the back yard and cemetery. You may need light coats for the evening bon-fire.

If you have any questions you can contact Tom and Arlene at or Carol at